Etnocentrum Ziemi Krośnieńskiej


Workshops at the Centre of Ethnography focus on all domains of folk and traditional culture. The Centre’s range includes:

  • singing workshops, during which you can learn the techniques of the authentic old-time singing and the now-obscure repertoire of songs from various thematic groups, or related to the respective periods of the liturgical year;
  • music workshops, where you can develop your skills of playing traditional instruments (hurdy-gurdy, violin, basolia, etc.) under the supervision of instructors;
  • dance workshops, where we teach various dance forms, e.g. processional, walking and regional dances;
  • culinary workshops, providing an opportunity to learn traditional regional cuisine;
  • handicraft workshops, during which we provide training in traditional crafts (embroidery, weaving, wickerwork, straw plaiting, tissue paper crafting, etc.),
  • and many others.

See details in the event calendar.

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