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The construction of the Ethnocentre „We inspire with tradition” conference 11.12.2019 Open days 13-15.12.2019 Handloom activation Culinary workshops The exhibition of: „Retrospective photography of Iwla” Ethnoranki! Carpentry workshops Handcraft workshops The exhibition of: „Straw craftwork Summer play centre 2020 Start-up into tradition - weaving workshops 18-19.07.2020 The recess of old photography 18.07.2020 The exhibition of Kuba Żeligowski’s paintings: „Rusticity” 01.08.2020 – 20.09.2020 „The stages of villages transition forged by oil industry in XIX cenury” - debate with Barbara Olejarz 31.07.2020 - „Plant-based colours of dreams” - workshops of dyeing wool and linen using the traditional method 08.08.2020 The recess of: „You could play on anything back then” 08-09.08.2020 „Herbs in the Subcarpathia cuisine” - herbal workshops Start-up into tradition - wood-carver workshops 22-23.08.2020 Start-up into tradition - smith’s workshops 26-27.09.2020 „Łemkowyna” Fashion show 06.11.2020 Concert of the Uherec band 06.11.2020 Vernissage of the exhibition: „Folk motifs on polish posters” 06.11.2020 Internatinal art contest: „Childhood memory” Vernissage of the exhibition: „Smaryda”. Concert of Akademia Głosów Tradycji band 05.06.2021 Midsummer night 26.06.2021 Vernissage of the Paweł Armata’s exhibition: “Wood memory” 03.07.2021 Beekeeper workshops 7-11.07.2021 Ethnocentre of the Krosno region at the Market Square, Krosno 18.07.2021 Hoedown with the Kurasie band 24.07.2021 International exhibition "Folk motifs in the poster design" 30.07.2021 - Stove fitter workshops 4-8.08.2021 Herbal recesses – “Bouquets for the Assumption day” 05.08.2021 Concert of the Orkiestra św. Mikołaja band 07.08.2021 ‘‘Folk legends in the Poster Design” 20.08.2021 Salt day in Presov 04.09.2021 Basketry Workshops 01-05.09.2021 Hoedown with the Maliszów band 18.09.2021 European Heritage Days 19.09.2021 Handcraft workshops in Bóbrka 19.09.2021 Concert of the DAGADANA band 23.09.2021 Exhibition of Grzegorz Tomkowicz sculptures 24.09.2021 Meeting with lyricists and a lyric concert of Lirofonia 9.10.2021 Market of antiques and handicrafts 10.10.2021 Hoedown with the Łola band 16.10.2021