Etnocentrum Ziemi Krośnieńskiej


Dances - meetings with live music performed by instrumental bands in a traditional line-up are regularly organised at the Ethnocentre of the Krosno Region.

Taking into account different skill levels of the participants, we offer dances for beginners with a teacher; or advanced, during which the education limits to recalling patterns and dance forms.

In the season (from spring to autumn), the dances are held outside, in a specially prepared area, and in case of bad weather in the Wedding Room of the Ethnocentre.

During the dances, you will hear the sounds of spontaneous varieties of "bez nogę" and "trzęsiona" polka as well sztajery. You can also try yourself in the popular Krosno folk dances: "krzyżok", suwany", kowal".

Details available here.

If you are a member of a folk band that you would like to perform with, or you are a dance instructor and want to conduct the classes - contact us: