Etnocentrum Ziemi Krośnieńskiej

What we do

The Ethnocentre of the Krosno Region is a modern facility that is a combination of a museum and a community centre, though it does not only provide the typical activities of these institutions.

The Ethnocentre was established to preserve, remind and bring you closer to what is most important about the traditional culture of the Krosno region. In our offer, you can find numerous activities such as handcraft, culinary, dance and singing workshops, based on the achievements of our ancestors. It is also an opportunity to keep in touch with the folklore community - with specialists in singing and craftsmanship - experts in the field of traditional culture. While visiting the Ethnocentre of the Krosno Region, you will experience an interactive walk around a modern building while learning about the everyday life and habits of the ancestors of our area. You will take part in a traditional dance party. Children will learn how to play traditional games, and we will remind adults about the taste of food from their childhood...

While visiting the Ethnocentre, you will have access to modern forms of learning about the old culture. Walking around the building, see many unusual places that, thanks to modern technology, will time-travel you back to the old days!

In the underground part of the Ethnocentre, you will hear old songs from Podkarpacie, and in the scenery of the former railway platform you will see old photographs, unlocking the secrets of the history of our region. In the Legend Room , you can sit back in a ladder wagon and learn about one of the many local stories, presented in an animated, interactive fashion. In the games room , you will learn the process of making bread by playing a modern game on an interactive projector, and if you also value traditional games - you can play dice or a fascinating board game! In the room with the stove , using the projector in the form of video mapping, you will see, step by step, how proziaki (traditional buns from Podkarpacie) and other local delicacies are made.The virtual dressing room will allow you to see yourself in the mirror in a beautiful, traditional costume of Lemko, Cracowian or Polish Uplanders.

All this to show you that traditional culture is a mix full of knowledge, achievements and beliefs. They all constitute our heritage.

We wish to encourage you to further explore our region by accustoming you to its history and traditions.