Etnocentrum Ziemi Krośnieńskiej

What we do

The Ethnocentre is a place of encounters with folk and traditional culture. Here, we use re-enactment and creative activities (rituals, dancing, tales, singing, cuisine, handicraft, crafts and shows) to

  • expand knowledge of and re-enact life as it was in times past, and to promote “living like the old days”;
  • build a sense of belonging to the local community by presenting shared and timeless values of traditional culture;
  • search for the sources of “our own” tradition by promoting positive role models;
  • reactivate the natural methods of passing on traditional knowledge and skills;
  • provide the experience of a living folk and traditional culture in an engaging and stimulating form;
  • inspire our guests to further explore the region and expand their knowledge of its traditions and history;
  • contribute to saving and preserving phenomena of a living folk and traditional culture;
  • prove that ETHNO is stylish!